Finding out I have an Auto Immune Disease...

Three weeks ago, I decided I was going to be proactive with my health. I ordered a routine blood test and an ultrasound to see how my PCOS was going. I had the ultrasound on the Thursday and the blood test on the Friday. Saturday morning came, I received a phone call from my doctor. He had received my blood test results which indicated my thyroid levels were out of control. I was advised to immediately have more bloods done that morning. There is no family history of Thyroid Auto Immune Diseases. I also requested a copy of the blood test results.

In February 2019 my thyroid count was 3.2 within the normal range of 0.4 -4.0. The level was 200 in the June test, which indicates extremely underactive thyroid. The doctor has prescribed medication to endeavour to bring my thyroid function to a more normal level. After 6 weeks on this medication, more blood test will be done. My GP told me that my blood results are indicating I have a Thyroid Auto Immune Disease. Basically my immune system is attacking my thyroid and I am not producing hormones and my metabolism has slowed down dramatically. The medication is replacing the hormones and will eventually have me feeling like myself again.

Let me share with you some of the symptoms I have experienced over the past few months. I am constantly tired; I feel cold and cannot seem to get warm; I have gained weight although I have been eating well; I am forgetful and my thoughts are 'foggy' and I'm not motivated. For months I have ignored these symptoms and put it all down to my body changing after the removal of the Mirena. My doctor confirmed that all of these symptoms were due to the thyroid imbalance. At the appointment he said probably the best way to describe how I was feeling at that point is 'defeated'. That one word could not have describe my feelings any better! I feel defeated physically and mentally. Every day is a battle to get out of bed and prepare for the day ahead or even think about what I want to eat.

I realise the medication is necessary but I will not give up on pursuing a more natural approach in conjunction with the prescribed drug. I will work with my naturopath and GP to ensure my body will recover and become strong.

It is going to be a long journey and the past three weeks have been tough for me. Many tears of frustration have been shed. Some days are more difficult than others, but I know I will jump this hurdle and I will fight for a fitter and healthier version of me.

I am learning to listen to my body. Most of us ignore our instincts and just push through. I am challenging you to listen to your body, make the effort this month to get those checks done you have been meaning to do!

I will keep you all posted on my journey with this hurdle.

Khalehla Ireland

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